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    Counseling for Anxiety

    During a global pandemic, it would be hard to find anyone who has not experienced significant anxiety, from young children to the elderly. You may need to have a place to talk about concerns or re-organize your thoughts about life and the world.

    Maybe you were already experiencing anxiety before the pandemic. Were you finding it hard to control worry about almost everything, feeling apprehensive and irritable? Muscle tension, disrupted sleep, and poor appetite may also be signs you are experiencing anxiety.

    Anxiety can show up as headaches, stomach problems, or other physical symptoms. If you have been to your doctor and were told you have no medical problems but still experience concerning symptoms, you may benefit from therapy to address anxiety (please note that we always recommend you consult your medical doctor if you are experiencing any concerning physical symptoms).

    Do you feel overwhelmed? Is it hard to calm down enough to enjoy life? Are you trying to wrap your mind around finding “normal” again? I would love to help!